With six double rooms, all unique, and a set of other spaces to explore, the Casa dos Livros offers the ideal place for resting for a few days, or just the base for an extended visit to the Northern region of Portugal.

All rooms with: private bathroom; central heating; free WiFi; extra bed upon request (some rooms).


You can taste the local gastronomy in one of the many city restaurants, ask to be served at the Casa dos Livros, or even cook yourself a meal guided by local recipes or by your own creativity.


Situated in a culturally dynamic area as Guimarães is, the Casa dos Livros contributes to the promotion of literature by providing to its guests access to a library that includes books from both portuguese and worldwide authors. The library is also open to receive books from our guests in an attempt to promote the exchange of reading experiences.

During their stay, guest can enjoy: a living room with reading area; fireplace and TV; a dock station for listening music from guest's iPods; a full equipped kitchen; free WiFi; snooker table; outdoor spaces for having breakfast of just for leisure; swimming pool; bicycles ... and a lot of books to choose from.



Getting to know Guimarães is more than a visit to its most popular places. Ask us for a guided tour from Tours & Tales to enjoy a richer experience where discovering less known places is accompanied with funny and historical narratives. servicos
One click is enough to live your greatest adventure, where the gastronomy, the culture and good wine are mandatory.


At the city centre, why not use one of the electric bicycles offered by GetGreen for a wider visit?


If you have a set of books abandoned in your shelf at home, at the WinkingBooks you can use them to discover new authors and titles... servicos