Guimarães is one of the most important historical cities in Portugal, with its city centre classified as World Heritage by UNESCO since December 2001, making it one of the biggest tourist centres in the region. Its street and monuments breathe history and enchant those who visit it.




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The city of Guimarães of today knew how to reconcile, the best way, its history and the conservation of its heritage with the dynamism and entrepreneurship that characterise modern cities, resulting in its nomination for European Capital of Culture 2012. These factors led Guimarães to be elected by the New York Times, in 2011, as one of 41 places to visit and to be considered as one of the emerging cultural spots of the Iberian Peninsula.


  Capital Europeia da Cultura
To extend the national and international reputation achieved with the European Capital of Culture in 2012, Guimarães applied for hosting the European City of Sports. Guimarães, “Cidade Europeia do Desporto 2013”, has been the first Portuguese city to receive this title.


  Capital Europeia da Cultura